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2 Quick low carb recipes

13 de março de 2021

Salmon with shitake: powder ginger upon the salmon, one orange juice freshly squeezed, drizzle with honey and add salt and pepper. Placd olive oil, specially under the fish.

In the same dish, place the washed shitake, olive oil, soy sauce and black pepper.

Put thyme and rosemary and bake for 30min.


Flash recipe 2:

Place the steak on the platter with olive oil, potatoes, tomatoes, coarse salt, meat seasoning, rosemary and thyme. Leave it for 35 min in Pre heated oven.

I’m enjoying the Black Flag seasonings in the recipes. Expecting to yield several posts. This concept of 30-40min recipes is for home office moments. Or even for the day-to-day post pandemic.